Dispatches From The PR Trenches 

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Different Types Of PR Entrepreneurs Can Use To Drive Traffic​

As an entrepreneur, you need to be productive with your time. During the early stages, product development (MVP build and test, iterate, test etc) takes up most of your energy. Once you are past that stage and gained initial traction, you need to work out where your traffic is going to come from. This can …
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Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need A PR Agency

Once upon a time Public Relations agencies held all the cards. The extended network of powerful and influential people. The talented writers who knew how to craft a winning press release. The amazing creatives who thought up stunts to wow the world. They were the gatekeepers to a glittering yet mysterious world of wizards in …
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Paying For PR: Why You Should Avoid It

Once upon a time, an advert was an advert and it was obvious. On the other hand, if your story got covered in a newspaper or magazine you knew it was good enough to be published for free. Everyone reading it would also recognise this. This is what is called earned media. If a top
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